The Certified Equipment Appraisal By The CMEA At R Stout Appraisals Is USPAP Compliant Unlike A “Clipboard” Value ….

There is a Difference!

A Professional Embossed And Bound Certified Appraisal Report…

There are no substitutes!

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99.9% of appraisal reports fail to accurately value the tangible assets. Why? That’s a great question, and we’re glad that you asked. Inaccurate appraisals are not uncommon, and they can cause serious consequences to your business, as can reliance upon any one of the following methods to determine the value of capital equipment. How many of these methods do you currently use?

  1. Guess;
  2. Rely on book value; or
  3. Rely on the word of a non-certified person who may have a “hidden” agenda.

Are you surprised to learn that all three methods are inaccurate and filled with liability?

If an Appraisal Report is based on guessing, relying on book value, or relying on a word of a non-certified person who may have a “hidden” agenda, the Report will not hold up scrutiny because it lacks substantiation. Not only can values not be substantiated, but the Report itself is not written to reflect the approaches to value, market conditions, photographs and required substantiation that a USPAP Report contains.

USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) was promulgated by Congress and is accepted around the world as the authoritative source for machinery/equipment and business appraisals.

BEWARE Of Unsubstantiated Values!

Not all Appraisal Reports Are Equal!

When it comes to business, at some point in time, you will probably need to know the true value of the machinery and equipment. Since the answer to that question often affects an important decision, it makes good business and financial sense to utilize a professional appraiser.

For These Reasons…

It’s No Wonder That The Certified Equipment Appraisers At
R Stout Appraisals Are The Most Sought After Machinery & Equipment Certified Appraisers Coast-To-Coast!

Business owners, attorneys, IRS, lenders and courts all ask the same question..

“What’s the machinery and equipment really worth?” Is there goodwill? Do only the tangible assets of the business have value? If so, how are those assets valued?

What Can You Expect From R Stout Appraisals?

R Stout Appraisals will deliver an accurate, irrefutable, defensible, and descriptive Certified Appraisal Report that includes photographs, model and serial numbers, and other descriptive information that will withstand scrutiny. Our assignment of value is based on extensive research, personal inspection, and contact with manufacturers and suppliers to determine what items are really worth.

We Have Associates Nationwide …

The Certified professionals at R Stout Appraisals are members of NEBB Institute, the nation’s most-respected machinery/equipment appraisal and brokerage leader.